Love, Passion and Presence

Loving Deeply
July 2018

The Love Passion and Presence couples’ weekend workshop is focused on increasing aliveness and connection in your intimate partnership. We will slow down, let go of agendas and goals, and discover how to bring more love to your partnership, in and outside the bedroom. Through safe experiential exercises, we’ll explore old and new ways to listen, touch, move, play, and even look at one another.




Learn and Experience

  • The art of relational Presence.
  • Becoming an Intimate Team
  • How you can turn your whole life into Foreplay
  • A way to Talk and Listening to end power struggles.
  • The key to a passionate sex life: Non-Demand Touch.
  • Gentle partner yoga for relaxed enjoyment of your bodies
  • How to relax, let go of agendas, and receive love.
  • Couples meditations on loving-kindness

What is Presence?

Presence is the practice of slowing down, bringing the mind into focused awareness and allowing the experience of moment-to-moment pleasure. You increase your ability to receive and give love; you open yourself to small moments of pleasure. You and your partner learn to savor all interactions. Our phrase for this is “life is foreplay”. Everything you do can lead to more and more passionate and loving encounters. A successful relationship includes loving touch and we believe it’s the small experiences that end up creating a satisfying passionate physical connection – whether sensual, erotic or sexual.

We will use guided imagery, breathing and awareness exercises, as well as movement to learn the practice of Presence. These exercises will not be difficult; you’ll have fun, and also learn the value of quiet and soulful connection.

Being an Intimate Team

Sex and loving is a team sport. You win or lose together. Once the two of you create an attitude of teamwork together, you’ll notice that your love life is energized and more enjoyable. What does it mean to be a team when you’re in an intimate partnership? We introduce you to communication skills that make it much easier to discuss and solve problems, make better decisions, repair conflict, and even create a sex life that meets both of your needs.

Non-Demand Pleasurable Touch

Often couples come to our weekend marriage workshops or couples intensive retreats (one couple at a time with us as a counseling team), and present us with any number of sexual problems: Desire differences, physiological problems such as ED, or painful intercourse. We often work with young couples that are exhausted from working two jobs and raising young children. There are many reasons why couples seek revitalization of passion, and intimacy.

Our experience is that non-demand pleasurable touch in and outside the bedroom is key to a satisfying and successful sexual relationship. There are five levels of touch: affectionate, playful, sensual, erotic, and sexual. Learning how to touch one another without agendas and expectation is key. In this marriage workshop, we’ll explore various kinds of touch and practice the art of enjoyment without the experience having to “lead anywhere”. In the safe relaxing environment of our workshop setting you’ll discover how pleasurable simple touch can be. This kind of touching is a bridge to desire, without having to “work so hard”.

Relax and Enjoy Yourselves!

The Love Passion and Presence marriage retreat weekend has, at its core, the principle of relaxation and enjoyment as the doorway into a more loving, alive, and passionate partnership. Join us for a summer getaway weekend right across the Hudson River from the Catskill Mountains.

We welcome couples of any length of commitment any sexual orientation.

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