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Articles by Katrina and Joel

1. Committed Relationship: The Best Thing I Ever Did – An autobiographical article by Katrina on the power of partnering for the purpose of personal and spiritual growth.

2. Conflict is Normal – A couple comes to Katrina and Joel for a private intensive retreat; their learning about how to manage conflict in a long term relationship opens them up to a new level of love and intimacy.

3. Life as Foreplay – Katrina and Joel’s signature approach to sex in long-term partnership. Through honest sharing and self-revealing, the Feldman’s talk about their own relationship journey and how they transformed not only their own intimate life, but their approach to helping couples find more sexual pleasure and intimacy.

4. Spiritual Intimacy and Conscious Dialogue – Many people in relationships of the 21st century want to know how to make their relationships more spiritual. This article explores what intimacy is, what spirituality is and how the two come together through a dialogue practice that grounds the couple in loving connection.

5. The Yoga of Relationships – What is the connection between practicing yoga and being in a relationship? How can you practice yoga “off the mat” and integrate ancient principles into everyday intimacy?

6. Holding the Yoga Posture of Relationship – Sometimes holding a yoga posture brings up a lot of sensation in the body. Sometimes being in relationship does the same thing? Learn how to stay present in your relationship just like you do when you’re learning how to do yoga.

7. Relationship Tree (a poem) – People look longingly upon this amazing tree. Everyone would love to have one just like it.

8. Slowing Way Down (a poem) – Take a deep breath; Relax Your body; Slow WAY down.

9. Skillful Relating for Couples – What are the most important skills to practice in relationship? In this article Katrina and Joel share their tried and true practices for building intimacy through a very practical approach to communication, problem solving and personal inner growth.

10. You’re Bothering Me; Now What? Using a real-life experience this is a narrative exploring the empathic and conscious dialogue process to help diffuse conflict, remain connected, and deepen understanding even when you’re upset with one another.

11. The Key to My Heart is Locked in Your Heart. In 1995 Katrina gave a talk at the first Psychotherapy and Yoga conference, at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Stockbridge Massachusetts. Its focus is on the integration of intimate partnership as a spiritual path and how a relationship can be transformational and lead to unconditional loving. The article includes personal stories as well as practices to help couples understand one another and connect with loving kindness and empathy.

12. Your Loving Relationship is Life Giving. Our need for the calm, blissful feeling of love is even more important than food. It is imperative to our very survival and success as human beings. The time and attention you give your love relationships could literally, save your life.

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