Being Intimate

A Retreat for Couples

May 24-27 2019
Kripalu Center

This weekend couples workshop is focused on exploring and deepening intimacy in your partnership. True intimacy is not just about sex. We believe that it has to do with vulnerability and self-disclosure. When you open yourself to your partner, allowing them to know your thoughts, feelings, and needs, intimacy increases.

Although many people say they want more intimacy, most couples have to learn how to create it intentionally. When we first fall in love, it’s easy. The chemistry and sexual attraction between us gives us the wonderful feeling of connection, open hearted-ness and availability. Once we are together for a while, the dust of daily living often gets in the way.

The Science of Love

In this workshop we’ll experientially delve into the science of loving, exploring what creates the best environment for intimacy, connection and long-term relationship success.

Interpersonal neurobiology, the brain science of connection and loving, tells us that human beings are “hard wired” for love, but if we don’t develop the arts of mindfulness and presence, we won’t slow down and make satisfying contact with those we care about. The pressures of work, family, technology, and life stressors, often make it difficult to relax and pay attention to our most precious resource: Our loving relationship.

Learn And Experience

  • The Art of Relational PRESENCE ™, Kate and Joel’s signature approach to love and intimacy
  • Dialogue and listening to end power struggles.
  • How talking about sex can be safe and fun
  • Massage, gentle partner yoga and movement
  • Simple exercises to make touch easy and pleasurable.
  • The art of attunement: how daily loving deepens your connection.

Relational PRESENCE.

Learn self-awareness, deep breathing, and the skill of “tracking” what’s happening within you as well as what’s happening within your partner. This is an extremely effective tool to help you when you’re reacting or upset. We know that once you’re both highly reactive there is no possibility of working through conflict. Learning Self Presence can help you stay connected and intimate even when you disagree.

Dialogue And Listening

One of the most powerful relationship skills is your ability to practice kind, respectful listening and speaking. Sometimes changing the way you listen and speak is all you need to deepen your sense of connection, and increase your emotional bond.

How Talking About Sex Can Be Safe And Fun

The best sex organ you have is your brain. Most couples never talk about their sexual needs, desires, fears, insecurities, and the changes they experience as they go through life together. What might it be like to have fun talking about sex; to release the shame of telling your partner what’s really on your mind regarding sex? This is one of the most liberating sessions of the workshop. You will feel closer, gain some perspective, and improve your communication skills as well!

Touch And Movement As Integral To Sustaining Intimate Connection.

The bedrock of a satisfying sex life is bringing pleasurable touch to one another in and outside the bedroom. There are many ways of incorporating pleasure, both affectionate, sensual and sexual, into your daily life together. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice simple exercises to make touch easy as well as understanding one another’s preferences. In addition, we’ll guide you in gentle partner massage, yoga, and dance.

The Art Of Attunement.

A successful relationship always includes each partner knowing and understanding the other. Attunement, the ability to sense, feel, and attend to another person’s personality, differences, and needs, is a high art. It involves good will, friendship, and the willingness to set oneself aside at times; to give what the other needs and wants. Can you give, and can you receive? We believe both are relationship skills. This session will help you practice and learn.

True Intimacy

This is a workshop in which to relax, deepen, dance and connect. It’s all about the relationship skill of IN-TO-ME-YOU-SEE (intimacy): How it works and how you can have more. Our specialty is creating a safe learning environment in which couples can open their hearts and connect.

We welcome couples of any age, any length of commitment, any sexual orientation.

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