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One Small Connection

Choose to prioritize making small connections They build relational goodwill Life together can truly become foreplay

The Business of Relationships (Make Love, Not War!)

The daily, weekly and seasonal tasks of managing a household, boggle the mind. Who will do what, when, and how, test even the most advanced couples’ communication skills. Making solid agreements results in more relaxation leading to more deep discussions, connection, laughter and, yes… much better sex.

  • Counseling

    Our long-distance relationship counseling/coaching is a unique blend of education, skill building, and facilitating you to grow into the partner/person you would like to be in your relationships.

  • Intensives

    Our private 3 or 4-day retreats serve one couple at time. Some of the top priorities that we address are: breaking through unresolved issues, extra-marital affairs, deepening communication, increasing sex and intimacy.

  • Workshops

    In our weekend couples workshops you will rejuvenate, refresh, and reawaken love, intimacy, communication, and laughter. You’ll learn and practice skills, and go home able to integrate them into your life together.
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