Deepen & Revitalizing Your Relationship

Recently we were approached by a couple who are in their 40s, with 2 kids, and several businesses, which they own and run together. They said to us, “we’ve lost each other! We love one another so much, and we do so well, raising the kids, and managing our life, but we’ve lost sex, quiet time, shared interests, vacationing by ourselves, and being able to solve problems without fighting! What happened to us?”

We spoke for a while; they were so enthusiastic, so friendly toward each other and so eager to repair, deepen, and re-discover the freshness of their partnership. They weren’t blaming and shaming each other for becoming distant; they weren’t finding fault in their lives, but they had realized that the essential quality of their intimate connection was buried in the dust of daily living.

What happened to this couple?

It’s is very normal that once kids come along, all the energy of loving and caring gets focused on the children. Our children are dependent upon us for longer than any other mammal: 18-20 years!! This means we have to give our life energy to the development and support of our kids, day in and day out for a long time! If we don’t take on this job responsibly with knowledge of how to take care our relationship, and ourselves, our experience of being a loving couple (and parents!) easily goes to the wayside.

AND, on top of all that, if we lack relationship skills, self-awareness, and loving kindness toward ourselves, we usually just hunker down to the ups and downs of life, get really tired, and never notice how much is missing.

This couple had done just that. Fortunately for them, they had good will, trust, and affection left in their relationship bank account, and realized that it was time to increase it! Sometimes it works better to take yourselves away to a retreat: a place to relax and enjoy each other, but to get some professional support, skills and nourishment from an outside source.

Deepening and Revitalizing Your Marriage

We believe that every successful couple has figured out how to be an Intimate Team. When a couple is a strong team they solve problems together, have each other’s back, make love more often, and they have a lot of good will when the going gets rough.

In our retreats, we talk about what it means to be an Intimate Team. Each partner, even though they may have differing interests, personalities, strengths, and challenges, learns that “we win or lose together”. It’s an attitude change: instead of ‘going it alone’ partners discover understanding and respect from the other even when faced with challenges. This creates warmth, affection, and a sense of connection.

Our Three Revitalization Principles are:

    1. Team: Becoming an intimate team
    2. Talk: Learning to talk and listen respectfully with an open heart
    3. Touch: Returning to all levels of touch in and outside the bedroom:


How We Create a Retreat For You

Our goal when you invite us to help you re-energize your relationship is to create an experience of relaxation, connection, joy, and deeper intimacy. We will present you with some of our skills for becoming an Intimate Team, Talking to one another with vulnerability, respect and depth, and experimenting with safe, clothes-on affectionate Touch.

We often use gentle yoga, meditation, dialogue, guided imagery, and new ways of connecting, to help you rekindle passion, and rediscover your innate capacity for love and pleasure. Sometimes, when weather permits, we use the outdoors, or even our horses, to facilitate your learning.

The key to increasing love and passion in your marriage is your ability as a couple to pay attention to the life of your relationship. This means attending to all your interactions: verbal, sexual, playful, or conflictual. We will help you slow down, let go of agendas and goals, and meet each other again. We will help you listen to one another’s heart with compassion instead of defensiveness. You’ll leave the retreat with intimacy tools, and practices for energizing yourself as a couple every day instead of waiting until your vacation.

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