Deepening Your Love

A Retreat for Couples

February 15-18 2019
Kripalu Center

Deepening Your Love is an experiential, practical, as well as soulful weekend retreat for couples. The focus is to help you as partners open your hearts, renew connection, and build trust, respect and intimacy. In a safe atmosphere of mindfulness, and self exploration, you will successfully transform many of the issues with which all couples struggle: intimacy, couple communication, conflict, meeting each other’s needs, and making time for pleasure.

Learn And Experience:

• Skills to listen and speak with less reactivity
• Tools to develop empathy and kindness for one another.
• How to share your feelings so your partner will want to hear more
• How to turn frustrations into specific requests
• How your childhood beliefs about relationships inform who you are in your intimate partnership now.
• Easy and fun ways to express love for one another through meditation, movement and massage.


Deepening Your Love is an opportunity for you as a couple to connect with each other at a more vulnerable, honest level using tried and true relationship communication skills. Intimacy is about self-revealing, opening the heart, and finding out what makes each of us tick. We do this by presenting several modules during the workshop, which focus upon the essential relationship skills of safe, open hearted and courageous communication.

The Skills of Listening and Feeling

There are always two different perspectives in any relationship. What would it mean if you could embrace your partner’s world as much as you did your own? In order to do this, we must understand that each of us is always looking for a secure connection. When we feel disconnected we usually fight or flee. What if you had a method to create emotional safety so both of you could be heard; both could be understood with out the old reactive patterns of fear and anger? We will share with you a specific communication skill that will transform your ability to listen and be understood.

We will also focus on communicating feelings and emotions. Many people struggle in relationships because they are not educated about how to express themselves skillfully. Learning how to express feelings in a nonjudgmental fashion can strengthen the ability of partners to work together during difficult times. You understand each other when you are willing to hear what the other person has to say even if you don’t agree. Disagreement does not automatically have to result in anger. Instead, disagreements can be used as a way to learn about each other and make informed decisions. We’ll spend an entire afternoon making it fun and easy to talk about feelings, differing perspectives, and emotions.

Converting Frustrations to Requests

The weekend continues with turning your frustrations into a positive conversation about needs. The communication skill of talking about needs and frustrations is essential to a successful relationship. Most of us just complain about what we don’t like in our partner. This never works. In a successful relationship it’s essential to know how to tell our partner what’s bothering us. It’s also important to be able to make requests, not demands. When we demand that our partner be different, we fall into a power struggle. This means that one person insists on coming out as the winner. When one person is a winner and the other is a loser, it’s LOSE-LOSE for the relationship.

How Childhood Beliefs About Relationship Influence Your Intimate Partnership NOW:

One of the signature sessions in Deepening Your Love is the exploration of how your childhood “template” for a successful relationship is now informing your adult partnership. The feedback we receive is that this session is usually the most powerful. You will evoke love, empathy, and respect for one another; you will understand each other’s behaviors in a new light. People leave deeply moved and inspired to make changes.

Transform Your Relationship

You will leave this weekend couples program with more appreciation for each other, a win-win approach to conflict, and deepened commitment to creating happiness in your life together.

For couples that have taken this workshop before, it continues to be updated and revised, so feel free to come again.

We welcome couples of any age, any length of commitment, any sexual orientation.

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