Embracing Love

A Retreat for Couples

October 11-14 2019
Kripalu Center

Embracing LoveYour intimate relationship is meant to be nourishing, pleasurable, and support you through the ups and downs of daily life. Most couples long for less reactivity, more ease in solving problems, more passion, more conversations, and more fun! You want a sense of home, and trust that you are truly there for one another.

We’ve been a couple for over thirty years, and facilitating couples for longer than that. Join us as we support you to:

Learn and Experience

  • How to talk and listen so your communication is safe, honest and respectful.
  • How to calm yourself when you feel upset so you can stay connected even in the hard times.
  • Using all levels of touch to build connection and intimacy: affectionate, sensual, playful, erotic and sexual.
  • Becoming an intimate team as the key to resolving conflict.
  • How to truly say “I’m sorry” so your partner receives your apology
  • How to forgive
  • The role of shame as a barrier to making amends and resolving conflict.
  • Giving and receiving without power struggles.
  • What says “I love you” to your partner and doing it easily
  • How playing, laughing, and having fun builds intimacy.
  • Gentle partner yoga, and movement for relaxation.

New Research About Human Loving

Human beings must feel emotionally, physically and mentally safe with one another in order to love and be loved deeply. Much of loving happens non-verbally, and in this new program we want to share our clear pathway to building a powerful intimate team. In this retreat we’ll explore how to create an experience of loving which goes beyond “feeling good”, and incorporates activities, practices, and behaviors in which, love becomes a way of life.

Building Your Intimate Team

A successful relationship is an intimate team where both people care as much about the other as they do about themselves. When there are problems each person takes responsibility for contributing to the problem, and each person has a part in solving the problem. This requires change from both people.

Most of all it requires the willingness to go inside and discover the parts of oneself that are getting in the way of connection, love, intimacy, and growth as an individual, and thus, for you as a couple. After that, what is required is mutual respectful dialogue where both people’s points of views are validated, and where both people allow themselves to be moved by the others’ needs and feelings.

Embracing Love is just that: a warm, nurturing safe weekend workshop where you can relax into loving in many new and exciting ways

We welcome couples of any age, any length of commitment, any sexual orientation.

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