Grow Your Love

We wanted to give you a head's up, in case you missed it in the magazine, on a real good article from Yoga Journal entitled Grow Your Love. Lots of wisdom from a solid handful of couples (yours truly included) who share the similarities and useful awarenesses between the practice of Yoga and the journey of Relationship.

Here is a little snippet to whet your appetite:

"It's no secret that relationships require work, but, as in yoga, you can find a happy balance between effort and ease when you apply your awareness. "A lot of people feel like, 'If you loved me, we wouldn't have to work at this,'" Feldman says, but he thinks that's an unrealistic attitude. The trick,when it feels like too much effort, is to find more ease. To help couples with this, Feldman and his wife help their clients discover "love rituals"—small gestures practiced up to three times a day for two to three minutes at a time—so they can reconnect with the partner as a source of pleasure rather than pain."

Hope you enjoy!

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