Midlife Crisis Retreats

A mid life crisis is an experience that is a combination of feelings, events and physical changes that indicate a transformation is at hand. Most people and couples who can come to terms with change, usually weather the transition without too many problems. But if you feel overwhelmed by signs of aging, you are stressed, anxious or depressed (or irritated and angry), you may not feel you can cope with your job, self-care, kids/parents — let alone being a loving, intimate, fun or sexual partner.

Many couples go through these times simultaneously which makes for difficulties in communication, sexual relating, and even gracefully managing the daily chores of living. When this happens we often see partners making choices to try and feel better. Some of these are:

  • Having an affair
  • Becoming addicted to pornography
  • Asking for separation with the desire to be on one’s own
  • Excessive use of alcohol or drugs.
  • Excessive dieting, exercise or shopping
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Taking trips one one’s own
  • Wanting to live somewhere new and exciting
  • Buying a new car

Often the impact of these behaviors is stress on the relationship. If you ‘re not communicating and helping each other through a difficult time, you’ll most likely be in conflict, feel upset and, begin to wonder if the marriage is in jeopardy. It might be.

In our retreats, we help you understand what’s going on, and how to embrace changes in your life with the notion that you can learn and grow through them. We’ll explore the roots of your stress or angst and discover new ways to cope and make meaning of your lives both individually and together. You may decide to make some changes, which can energize both of you. This process becomes an opportunity for more intimacy, closeness, and a revitalization of your relationship rather than an era that tears you down and breaks you apart.

Some events that may be triggers of your crisis could be:

  • Death in your family.
  • An aging parent needs your care.
  • Your children have left home and you’re empty nesters.
  • You’ve retired and feel a loss of work and purpose.
  • You’re going through menopause (we believe that this is a joint experience since both partners are impacted)
  • You find yourself asking, “is this all there is”? about life.
  • You experience your own aging: Achy joints, you have to wear reading glasses, you don’t have as much energy as you used to, you can’t eat the same as you once did (doctor’s orders).

If you feel one or both of you is experiencing a mid life crisis, don’t wait until your marriage is in trouble. It is a normal part of the life cycle to question your purpose and adjust to change. It can feel awful. But what if you and your partner could be an intimate team? What if you could understand and have compassion for one another? And what if you had coping strategies to move together through a normal part of being a healthy human being?

We are committed to you as a couple being happy and healthy. As a husband-wife counseling and coaching team, we meet with you, a couple, to help you problem solve, heal, and revitalize your relationship. The marriage weekend (or mid week) retreat is not a workshop or seminar, but an intensive counseling experience for you as a couple. Our intention is to help you solve relationship problems, and learn to communicate skillfully and honestly, while maintaining each of your dignity, and authenticity. We design your retreat to help you transform the issues that are causing pain, and help you make a plan to continue building connection and healing when you go home.

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