Revitalizing Passion

We just finished facilitating a workshop at Kripalu Center with 26 couples called Being Intimate. It was fun, energizing, soulful, agonizing, deep and transformational. This wasn’t just for the participants but for us as well!

We found ourselves amazed and inspired by the courage of couples that have never been to a couple workshop or been in any kind of couple therapy. They are so wide eyed, motivated, interested, and also challenged.

There was one couple that wondered aloud how they could re-vitalize their sex life when they have been so busy and overtired with young children. During a simple foot rub, practicing being a giver and then a receiver, each of them wept from the sheer relief of being able to relax and be nurtured. They immediately translated this to the possibility of making time for love making where they could share simple ways of touching whether it led to intercourse or orgasm or not.

Being Intimate is a workshop with a focus on experimenting with many simple ways to create intimacy – through the principles of Team, Touch, and Talk.  This brought up rich discussion about sensuality, sexuality and how we as partners, no matter our age, our length of commitment, our gender, our sexual orientation, can make sex more pleasurable, more fun, more deeply personal.

Next up for us is Love, Passion and Presence, August 12-14 at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. This program focuses on revitalizing passion in your whole life together as a couple. Summer at Omega is a little like being at a summer camp for grown ups.  Join us; we will deepen intimacy, find our inherent sexual and sensual selves; it’s a clothes on, down to earth, special retreat for couples.

  • Counseling

    Our long-distance relationship counseling/coaching is a unique blend of education, skill building, and facilitating you to grow into the partner/person you would like to be in your relationships.

  • Intensives

    Our private 3-day retreats serve one couple at time. Some of the top priorities that we address are: breaking through unresolved issues, extra-marital affairs, deepening communication, increasing sex and intimacy.