Sex, Pleasure & Intimacy

A Retreat For Couples

November 10-12 2017
Coast Hotel Canmore Conference Centre

Join us for a couple’s weekend retreat where you’ll experience core principles and practices for a satisfying and healthy intimate and sexual relationship. Sex Pleasure and Intimacy is a safe, clothes-on exploration into a more sensual, passionate and alive lovemaking adventure.

In this retreat you’ll learn about intimacy at its deepest level: The capacity to reveal oneself to each other from the core of your being.

Through dialogue, movement, experiments in different levels of touch, you’ll rekindle passion, rediscover your capacity for pleasure, and deepen the sensual and sexual intimacy between you.

Learn and Experience

  • What is healthy human sexuality and how to embrace your own sexual style as a couple and intimate team
  • Playful and fun ways to relax so every moment of connection is pleasurable.
  • How to be truly intimate by learning vulnerable self-disclosure.
  • How the key to a more passionate sex life is pleasurable touching with no expectations…in and outside the bedroom.
  • To deepen your communications about sexual needs and wants.
  • How to release personal limiting belief systems about sex, pleasure, and intimacy.

When Making Love Was Easy

Feet in BedMost of us remember a time when sexual intimacy was a joy. It was not something we had to work at. We were alive, awakened to the energy of communicating through our bodies; we were experimental, easily aroused, and we didn’t worry about whether we were getting enough, how we looked, or whether we were “doing it right.”

In spite of all the media attention, self help books, better sex videos and our 21sth century sexual freedoms, healthy sexuality within a fulfilled relationship still seems to be mysterious and confusing. In this couples workshop you’ll join with other couples in an atmosphere of safety and fun to rediscover the sexual intimacy, sensual pleasure and passion that exists within each of us.

We’ll debunk old myths and belief systems associated with sex, pleasure and intimacy and help you find your own personal style of creating sexual pleasure and intimate relating. We’ll support you to relax your bodies, finding the sensual expression and the fun that inherently exists in all of us as human beings and lovers. We will also give you tools and time to experiment for yourself and then talk honestly with each other.

5 Key Practices To Increase Intimacy

Intimacy has to do with vulnerable self-disclosure. How open are you with your partner? How easy is it to reveal your needs and desires, especially sexual? Many of us feel afraid to be vulnerable because we don’t have a good track record of creating emotional safety in our relationships. Everyone has some level of shame when it comes to exposing our deepest inner self.

Over 30 years of working with couples we have dedicated ourselves to creating an approach to intimacy, lovemaking, and sensual expression, which each person can easily understand and practice in and outside the bedroom. These apply to all partners no matter what stage of your life cycle, no matter how old you are.

1. Become an INTIMATE TEAM: A relationship (and especially sex) is a team sport; you win or lose together.
2. Practice non-demand pleasuring TOUCH in and outside the bedroom. Touching and sensuality is the core of sexual response. Letting go of goals and agendas creates space for more creativity, more pleasure, and more teamwork.
3. TALK to each other: learn to solve problems, ask for what you need and, express what pleases you.
4. Understand that LIFE IS FOREPLAY: Everything you do together can contribute to passion, aliveness and satisfaction!
5. PRESENCE: Develop the skill of being present moment by moment to yourself and to your partner. Learn to “track” your own body, mind and emotions as well as your partner’s. Slow down. Experience moment-by-moment pleasure.

What Does It Mean to Be a Healthy Sexual Person?

In addition to our core practices for couples, we’ll explore what it means to be a healthy sexual person. So many of us were raised with messages that suggested we “turn off” our inherent sensual and erotic nature. Thus, we may have lost our primitive, body-sensing abilities that are so crucial to expressing full aliveness. The capacity for deep nourishing pleasure is in-born. Re-discovering and re-awakening the ability to live fully in the body, and then share our bodies happily and easily with a partner, is an art.

Consider whether you:

  • Are able to experience your body as a pleasurable place to be?
  • Are you able to receive touch and enjoy it?
  • Can communicate clearly about what kind of touch you enjoy or don’t enjoy?
  • Find the act of making love pleasurable and fulfilling most of the time, and ecstatic some of the time?
  • Can choose partners or a partner with whom you can find growth and fulfillment in matters of sex?

Transform Your Relationship

If you want a safe, but transformational experience in a healthy relaxed environment, join us. Couples often tell us that the workshop gives hope and a new perspective, not just about their sex lives, but also about their life as a couple.

We welcome couples of any length of commitment, any sexual orientation.

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