Slowing Down

Take a deep breath.
Relax your body.
Slow WAY down.
Get more present to your moment-to-moment experience
Enjoy every pleasant sensation and try not to resist any unpleasant ones.
Staying with the moment, let go of future expectations or outcomes.
Become more aware of your own needs and fears.
Maintain a loving connection with your partner; look, laugh, share and
Let your experience together unfold, delicious moment by delicious moment.
Communicate your wishes clearly and lovingly.
Ask for what you want without demanding that you get it.
Receive fully what you get and let go of what you don’t.
Feel all of your feelings without making them your partner’s fault.
Give to your partner in the way that pleases them,
even if it’s different from what you like.
Acknowledge and appreciate all that your partner does and all that they are.
Work on staying relaxed,
And if you get tense consider how you’ve helped create that tension.
Move from pleasurable moment to pleasurable moment.
Let go of agendas and outcomes. Give freely without expectation.
Pay attention to the “little things” that create connection.
Honor your partner’s world (hopes & fears) as much as you honor your own.

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