Take a Look in the (Relationship) Mirror.

stockvault_4512_200703011To be successful in a committed relationship will always require us to look at ourselves. To deeply check out my motives for acting as I did, to consider the deeper feelings that were stimulated in me and to see if I acted in the way I would have wanted to. There is no doubt that my partner acted in a way I didn't like. It may have hurt me. It certainly didn't meet my expectations. I can blame her all day and all night, but what will that help me learn about myself? In the end, we will both need to choose to hold the mirror up to ourselves and see what role we each played. Sometimes those roles get a bit subtle and require a good, long look. My behavior may have been unconscious but nonetheless real. Sometimes my inability to decide quickly will cause Kate to move into "fix it" mode. I may have a complaint about why she did that, but she will also say that I had a role in it as well. I then get to choose whether to go on trying to prove that I am "right" or letting her know both how I felt and what I did to provoke her behavior. Usually, if I am upset, I have to calm myself down before it's possible to really look inside. There's is usually something I can own. Whenever I can do that AND communicate it skillfully we both get to learn something and come back into Connection much more quickly.

Will you let go of being right and  own your part? Tell us, tell your partner, tell the world!

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