Tending the Garden of Your Relationship

You can spend so much time finding out

what each and every plant in your garden needs to grow;

how much water, how much sun,

what specific nutrients will help it to thrive

Or your car, cycle or bike

The best lubricants and oils

Proper handling procedures

and optimal maintenance schedules

Imagine if you spent a similar amount of time and attention

thinking about what would make your beloved thrive.

They usually know what they need

and carry all those unmet needs around with them

Some folks even communicate their needs to their partner

But often as a frustration or demand

Sadly, others just expect that,

“If you loved me you’d know what I need”(and give it)

But what about your beloved?

What does she or he want/need/crave?

Read the Love Languages book

And have a great talk afterwards

Reflect together, without blame,

What’s been working and what hasn’t

Talk about desires and wishes

Clarify what is actually most wanted

Then, consider what you can commit to

And give each other that gift, for 21 days

It’s almost Valentine’s day anyway

Add some flowers or chocolates in for good measure

  • Counseling

    Our long-distance relationship counseling/coaching is a unique blend of education, skill building, and facilitating you to grow into the partner/person you would like to be in your relationships.

  • Intensives

    Our private 3-day retreats serve one couple at time. Some of the top priorities that we address are: breaking through unresolved issues, extra-marital affairs, deepening communication, increasing sex and intimacy.