We are fortunate to work with many kind and wonderful people. We appreciate hearing back from them about the lasting impact our work together has had on their lives. Here are a few of their sharings:

Amazing experience! Kate and Joel are kind, warm, and incredibly skilled at what they do. They were able to cut through all of the confusion and bad feelings between us and help us both understand, for the first time what the real problems were and most importantly, where they were rooted.

This kind of understanding was incredibly powerful and helped us to be able to empathize with each other and gave us the energy to want to change our individual behaviors that were keeping us stuck.

They also taught us the tools necessary to move these insights from merely insights to real change in our relationship.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Kate and Joel to any couple in trouble or even simply seeking to make their relationship stronger. I feel blessed to have been referred to them, and am happy for anyone lucky enough to find their way to these gifted therapists.

A & N

It’s hard to find the right words to thank you for your work. The time we spent with you was enlightening and strengthening. You are so gentle, genuine, humorous and skillful. You guided us as well as taught us the theory behind our reactions, sharing new skills for safely communicating, then insightfully coaching and supporting us while we practiced those new skills. You helped us see that even the smallest interaction matters.

You created an intensive that was specific to our needs, not a standard, fixed format. I was amazed at how incredibly engaged you both were Couples Testimonialsthroughout our four hour sessions. You adapted the sessions as you learned more about our dynamics. You asked us if we felt our goals and needs were being addressed, then used our feedback to continue creating a profoundly meaningful experience. With your guidance and support, we were able to look more deeply at our individual feelings, needs and patterns. The skills you taught helped us relax our defenses as we shared and listened, paving the way for renewed connection.

The beautiful view of the mountains, the comfort and beauty of your home, and the warmth of your presence facilitated opening, connection and ease, even while doing challenging work. You are a gifted team. Thank you for all you did for our relationship.

Warm Regards,
Cindy & John

“Thank you thank you, for the agreement-making process, but most of all the time we spent with you. It stuck. We are in the sweetest, most loving, most amazing place we have been in years if ever.

I am so grateful to you and Joel.”

L.C., Corvallis, OR

Couples Intensives

Couples Testimonials“How do you properly endorse a couple that has the ability to save a marriage, mend a family, and give you tools that change how you see the world? Words could never express the level of appreciation and admiration that we have for this couple who share their insights and years of experience for making relationships work.

We still find it hard to believe that, as a couple with troubles since the beginning and on the verge of divorce, we could come from an intensive session so deeply connected in love and understanding. And yet, it is so very true. It has been a year since our first session with the Feldman’s and our marriage has been completely transformed and continues to be better than all the years past. We were able to celebrate our 15th Wedding Anniversary thanks to the Feldman’s.”

M & A, Los Angeles, CA

“Dear Joel and Kate,
We wanted to take a moment to reach out and thank you for the amazingly powerful and intimately effective weekend retreat. Our most sincere thanks for opening up a new world of communicating, feeling, understanding, and loving each other. It was beyond our expectations, and as I said in our session, makes us both very hopeful and optimistic for our future together. We hit a very dark place and one that neither of us had experience in navigating. You two became our beacons and truly helped guide us to seek the right path. We are forever grateful for this introduction to what can be next.”

L and D

“I’ve seen lots of therapists throughout my life, and these 2 are the best. I was stunned at the level of understanding I felt from both of them from the first minute. I was knocked out by their ability to connect dots that I couldn’t even see -and to push us gently when appropriate and give a kick in the pants at other times. Unlike any other therapy I’ve experienced, well worth the investment, and definitely, no expiration date on the lessons learned and tools gained.”

L.C., Corvalis, OR

“What you offered us probably did more than a year or two or ten of counseling could have done.”

K & M

“I hope you get our vibes of gratitude all the time. The morning ritual that we created with you has meant so much to both of us. I am finally beginning to believe that my husband really does love me and wants to be with me forever. Pretty safe, secure, and yummy! The work we did with you has strengthened our relationship and laid a thicker foundation of love, trust, and appreciation of one another to such an extent that together, the only thing we need to know as a couple is: What fabulous life experience do we want to create together next?

A thousand thanks for being our compass and pointing us in the right direction!”

J & H, NY, NY

“Bruce and I had an amazing experience with you and Joel. We feel so hopeful and empowered for the future of our relationship. Thanks for making a safe space for us!!!!! We love knowing we can have more access to you if needed.”


“I cannot express enough how grateful I am for the gifts you and Joel gave me. You two have shown me that I really can be the person I want to be and that by being who I really am, I will receive what I need. You’ve helped me recognize that I am blessed with having an absolutely wonderful person to share this journey with. I told her last night that I am not a lucky man, I am the luckiest man to have her by my side.”


Couples Workshops

Sharings from Deepening Your Love, at Kripalu, February 2018

“We had an experience that was both magical and grounding throughout this past weekend’s Deepening Your Love workshop. Thank you for your presence, your guidance, and your generosity of spirit. The workshop was a sacred experience!”

I and H

“My husband and I spent time with you and Joel over Memorial Day weekend. I would say that we are very comfortable, very easy with the reality of our marriage of 29 years. This feels right, and there is an ease between us now. When I reached out for your restorative weekend it was to stimulate more engagement, more passionate attachment, and remind my husband that I wanted more.

‘I love you more’ is on the inside of his wedding band. And ‘more’ has been a mantra of mine in the past 3 years since our youngest son left for college. Somehow, like trees that learn to grow around the fence post, we have begun to move into the next chapter. I feel that we have crossed a deep river that took time and patience and fortitude. Now we are safely on the other side. Your weekend served as a mountain of reminder—that ‘attention must be paid.’ ”


“In a time when everything is packaged, rehearsed, and branded, Kate and Joel were real. They created a safe space quickly through their behavior, their openness and honesty. We were able to be open and be vulnerable because they were. They treated each comment and question with integrity and love, as if it were the first time they had heard it. I felt like they were learning and growing along with us. They mirrored what we aspire to be as a couple.”

D.R. Boston, MA

“I fell in love with my husband again. Kate and Joel are amazing facilitators and accomplished just what the title promised: we definitely deepened our love!”

D.K. Blue Bell, PA

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am still processing what I learned. A new level of communication has opened for us. I feel like I’m ready for the next thirty years.”


“Your retreat was an important step towards more vibrancy and intimacy in our relationship. Today, we are thriving and indeed we are enjoying each other and ourselves. Thanks for all that you do!”

J & J

“One of the best workshops I have ever attended. Kate and Joel create immediate trust with participants. Their non-clinical, personal facilitation is of the highest professional standard.”

P.R., Boston, MA

“The best part of this program is the experience and expertise of the Feldman’s: their real world, down to earth style and their genuine interest in us, as well as their great sense of humor.”

P.W. Ontario, Canada

“Your retreats beat the socks off of any therapy or conference I’ve attended. The group-dynamic makes the lessons richer and more diverse. I’m totally obsessed with how fabulous you and Joel are and the lessons, tips and tricks you share with us. You make this material digestible, fun, significant and sustainable. I couldn’t ask for more!”


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