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No relationship is perfect. Creating, maintaining and sustaining a successful relationship can be daunting if you don’t have the skills or solid love to help you work through the normal problems that arise in any relationship. Growing your relationship can be rewarding and exciting even though, at times a bit mysterious. Knowing how to sustain connection, communicate well, and resolve relationship problems is the key to being a healthy couple.

Our couples’ workshops are a powerful resource, which will have lasting benefits to your relationship, offering you communication skills, experiential learning, and a relaxing environment in which to connect and enjoy each other.

We have been studying the science of loving, and sexual intimacy for over 30 years. We create environments in our marriage weekend retreats where intimate partners transform who they are for each other. Our workshops offer a variety of learning experiences depending upon the weekend you choose. Here is some of what you will learn during a weekend retreat with us:

Make New Friends
Our three-day marriage retreat weekends give you the opportunity to meet people like yourself. How often do you get to “rub shoulders” with other couples who want to learn to communicate more deeply, love each other more, and have a restful and restorative weekend at the same time? Even we, as facilitators, take great pleasure spending the weekend with a group of couples!

You’ll Have Plenty of Private Time
Our couples’ workshops are designed so that you have a lot of private time together as a couple. You might not believe it, but sitting quietly face to face, practicing new skills, while around you, there are other couples doing the same, actually gives people the feeling of anonymity and privacy.

You Won’t Have to Share Anything You Don’t Want To
Some people are concerned about coming to a group relationship or marriage workshop. They imagine they will have to reveal their relationship problems to the group. This is not true in our programs. It is always optional to speak in the group. There are opportunities for questions and answers, or sharing your experiences – both in small groups and the larger group. But there is no requirement that you do so.

When You Choose a Program with Us You are Guaranteed

  • A non-judgmental atmosphere of safety and relaxation.
  • Well-informed presentations
  • Time for connection with others in your workshop
  • Skillful facilitation of personal as well as group dynamics
  • Practical approaches to daily living and problem solving.
  • Heart centered methodologies – arising from years of soulful living and a loving commitment to personal transformation.

We welcome couples of any length of commitment, any sexual orientation.





A Retreat for Couples
Feb 15-18 2019
Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health (800-741-7353)
Workshop Information

Deepening Your Love is a practical and experiential couples’ workshop. It is about opening the compassionate heart, renewing connection, and building trust, respect and intimacy with your partner. In a safe atmosphere of mindfulness and self exploration you will successfully transform many of the issues with which all couples struggle: intimacy, couple communication, conflict, meeting each other’s needs, and making time for pleasure.

Learn And Experience in Deepening Your Love:

  • Skills to listen and speak with less reactivity
  • Tools to develop empathy and kindness for one another.
  • How to share your feelings so your partner will want to hear more
  • How to turn frustrations into specific requests
  • How your childhood beliefs about relationships inform who you are in your intimate partnership now.
  • Easy and fun ways to express love for one another through meditation, movement and massage.




A Retreat for Couples
May 24-27 2019
Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health (800-741-7353)
Workshop Information

Increase intimacy and passion in your relationship by bringing mindfulness to all your interactions – verbal, sexual, playful, or conflicted. During this couples’ retreat we will slow down, and experientially delve into the science of loving, exploring what creates the best environment for intimacy, connection, and long term relationship success. This retreat is all about relational intimacy: what it is, how it works, and how you can have more.

Learn And Experience in Being Intimate

  • The Art of Relational PRESENCE ™, Kate and Joel’s signature approach to love and intimacy
  • Dialogue and listening to end power struggles.
  • How talking about sex can be safe and fun
  • Massage, gentle partner yoga and movement
  • Simple exercises to make touch easy and pleasurable.
  • The art of attunement: how daily loving deepens your connection.




A Retreat for Couples
October 11-14 2019
Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health (800-741-7353)
Workshop Information

Much of loving happens non-verbally, and in this one of a kind program we want to share our clear pathway to building a powerful intimate team. In this retreat we’ll explore how to create an experience of loving which goes beyond “feeling good”, and incorporates activities, practices, and behaviors in which, love becomes a way of life.

Embrace your love for one another; open your heart more; learn to say “I’m sorry” without shame. Join us for another one of our most soulful retreats! People leave saying “wow, I never thought I could be that open hearted!”

Learn and Experience:

• How to talk and listen so your communication is safe, honest and respectful.
• How to calm yourself when you feel upset so you can stay connected even in the hard times.
• Becoming an intimate team as the key to resolving conflict.
• How to truly say “I’m sorry” so your partner receives your apology
• How to forgive
• The role of shame as a barrier to making amends and resolving conflict.
• Giving and receiving without power struggles.
• What says “I love you” to your partner and doing it easily
• How playing, laughing, and having fun builds intimacy.
• Gentle partner yoga, and movement for relaxation.




Deepening Your Love, Being Intimate and Embracing Love are held at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Stockbridge Massachusetts.

Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to the inquiry of what creates a fulfilled human life. The 30,000 Kripalu guests who come each year are committed to creating fulfilling lives that celebrate and integrate all of who they are and what they love to do. They come to pursue personal growth, renew and revitalize, cultivate health, delve into spiritual practice, explore creative pursuits, and develop professional skills.

Programs at Kripalu are led by world-renowned teachers in yoga, self-discovery, and holistic health and are designed to provide you with tools to apply in daily life. Program topics include wellness, Ayurveda, nutrition, fitness, personal growth, relationships, meditation, spiritual practice, professional training, and much more. Yoga programs are offered for people at all levels, feature all yoga traditions and styles, and include therapeutic yoga, yogic anatomy, and trainings for teachers. Many Kripalu programs offer continuing education credits for professionals in fields such as social work, counseling, nursing, and massage and bodywork.

Each program experience is enhanced by the components of Kripalu’s lifestyle curriculum, intentionally created so that every moment of your stay supports deep inner health. You leave with a renewed connection to your life force and with practical approaches for sustaining change, moving forward in a healthy way, and thriving in everything you do.

We welcome couples of any age, any length of commitment, any sexual orientation.

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